DIY Sortimo

Bin sorting parts on a budget

Diy sortimo

Sortimo makes some awesome small parts storage solutions. One of their products was featured on Adam Savage’s Tested, and inspired myself an others to build our own version on a budget. I found a DIY version on and decided I’d give a shot to building my own as part of the never ending struggle to keep things in the shop organized and accessible. 


I wanted to keep the budget low, but also allow it to work with the bins I already had. I designed it to be cut out of a single 4x8 sheet of plywood, and construction is mainly glue and brad nails. 


Material Price
Plywood, 15/32nd – 4x8 Sheet $23
Glue/Hardware $5
Misc Hooks $2
Harbor Freight Moving dolly $7
Total Cost (Not including bins) $37

I designed this to fit both the Harbor Freight/Stanley style sorting bins and the Home Depot HDX 15-Compartment stacking storage bins. This was the first project I completed using the Yates 5HP table saw that I picked up at auction over the winter.

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